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Holidays are the ideal time to learn as it has been proven that the ideal condition for learning a language is in a relaxing and cosy environment.

The International School is a bit different from the traditional ones. Since it was established in 1987, we have constantly developed our teaching vision of the Italian language and we have come to pay more attention to the surroundings rather than on books, because one learns by using the five senses, and a holiday provides the ideal conditions for this.

If you have decided to speak the language of the country of sunshine, why close yourself within four walls? When it is necessary, we make use of the classroom and rooms equipped with didactic resources, but a large part of the lessons take place in the open air, in quiet and secluded spaces, where you will not miss out on the morning light and the air coming from the nearby sea. To arrange your study holiday we have the most modern, comfortable and welcoming place there is. Our teaching staff prepare a programme to be carried out not only during the lesson, but also outside and will accompany you on the exploratory routes of the town. Besides guiding you around the districts of Cervia, Milano Marittima and Pinarella, we will accompany you to the beautiful areas that surround us to satisfy your hunger and thirst for art, beauty, good food and delicious wine!



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